1. Watching video tape or listening to the history and the characteristc
    of traditional Korean ceramics by using a projector.



 2. Listening to traditional Korean ceramics when
    looking around the tradional furnace
    (Q & A on ceramic making process)


 3. Drawing or lettering on the primary ceramics
    (not baked) made by the famous ceramic artist or
    making article by clay.


4.Setting fire on the traditional furnace or watching
   the scene of getting tradional ceramics from
   the furnace are available by previous engagement.
   (This course is changeable upon situation. )


   5.Appreciating and shopping ceramic arts
   at exhibition hall.



- Making ceramics by clay with own hands : \30,000/person
- Drawing on the primary ceramics(not baked)
   made by the famous ceramic artist: \50,000~100,000/person

- Sending digital camera photographs by e-mail.
'Visitor's work is delivered to his home in his country at his request after
 first burning, glazing and 2nd burnig.
  (It takes about 30 days & mail fee is additive.)

Ordering of various memorials on wedding,birthday and promotion are

* Shopping only-Except only 3) of above

* Meal : "Salbap Jungsik"(Traditional ichon rice meal) or
  "Clean pork barbeque course" (Cost is additional.)

In case of group members needed bus or micro-bus, and
foreigners needed translater(English/Japanese).
Please call T 070-8232-2299 Mobile phone 010-4283-3393

* This program is changeable upon situation. Previous confirmation
  is necessary.