Icheon's Hot Spas are located in the Anheung-dong area.For more than 200 years, this area has been known as "Oncheon Baemi", which means "village of hot spas". Legend has it that about 150 years ago, a farmer with an eye problem discovered the medicinal effects of the hot springs when he washed his face with water from a hot spring well.

His eye problem was cured. Word of the miracle spread from door to door, and town to tow. In 1935, after the Suyo Railway was build, Chu Chang-Yub established a public bath house called "Yaksujang".

However, the business had to be handed over to a Japanese businessman. After the Second World War, Yaksujang suffered financial problems and was shut down during the Korean War. In 1959, the Korean government redeveloped the site.

Now there are many hotels and bathing facilities in the Hot Spas district.
The temperature of the Icheon Hot Spas is between 28-31.5C. The water has a mineral content which has proven to be an effective treatment for a variety of skin conditions, nausea, muscle pain, female ailments, and circulatory problems.