Mostly known for the hot spa more so than for the hotel, this outdoor spa is quite popular year-round, but is especially soothing in the winter when you can immerse yourself in natural hot springs regardless of the cold weather.
It's a special sensation. The outdoor spa at the Hotel Miranda provides hot spa swimming and relaxing.

- Entrance Fee: Weekdays ; 5,500 won (with Swimming Pool;9,000 won)

- Weekends;7,000 won (With Swimming Pool;10,000 won)
- Operating Hours : 05:30~21:00
- Inquiry:031-633-2001


The Seolbong Tourist Hotel has been serving guests and visitors for 17 years, and although a bit smaller than the Hotel Miranda, it is just right for families to come and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a hot spa together.
Besides the rejuvenating hot baths, be sure to enjoy the efficacy of elvan as ewll
It takes about 15 minutes to get this place from downtown Icheon city.
It is located in small rural village so it has a nice rural scenary.
Anyone who stay at this place can experience Korean culture and customs.


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