Every local district has its speciality and in Icheon's case, rice is the food of thought.
In days of old, Icheon Rice was considered fit only for the king, and the unique quality of Icheon Rice was named "Imgeumim" which means 'King'.
This brand is still in great favor, and with modern distribution methods, retains its image of superiority yet is now accessible to all who wish to sample the very best.

1) Korean restaurant of Icheon-rice meal
2) Having meals of Icheon Ssalbap Jeongsik
3) Icheon's specialty(Icheon Ssalbap Jeongsik or Icheon-rice meal)
Clean Pork stored at low temperature without freezing process is well known for its plentiful juice and fresh taste.
It was bred through the specific Pathogen Free method and is exempted from the Japanese governmenti-s quarantine process for meat imports.
This increased the reputation for sanitary level and quality of meat products.
Named after Mt.Dodram,Dodram pork was the result of the perseverance of livestock farmers to overcome adversity in livestock
production.The members, each one master of their own farm,are committed to producing only the best pork possible.
Nowadays Dodram pork has dominated not only the domestic market but has made substantial progress into the Japanese market.
  4) Enjoing garden party of pork barbeque together
5) Clean pork
  The main menu of this restaurant is Samgye-tang,which is made by chicken.
It is located between ceramic village and Mt.seolbong,so there are lots of ceramic shops and natural landscape around it is nice.

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